Code of Ethics

Why Have a Code of Ethics?

Every reader, regardless of their medium, should have a code of ethics based on their morals. Since every person’s morals vary, every readers code of ethics vary.


Regardless, it is important that you consider whether a reader is guided by ethics, or if they are simply working from a predatory position to gain traction, fame, clientele, or money. Be wary of readers as they could have a personal agenda.


This is why a code of ethics is so important. It will tell you whether they are in it for your benefit or theirs.

  1. I will not engage in readings regarding the prediction of fertility, viability, pregnancy, or gender of a baby.
    Morally, I am unable to accept payment for these kinds of readings as pregnancy, in some cases, is the hope and dream of an individual. Unless explicitly called by spirit to deliver a message regarding pregnancy, any pregnancy reading requests will be delivered in the form of a general message completely unrelated to fertility.
  2. I will not read on the thoughs, emotions, or feelings of another person.
    It is my belief that every person has a right to not only control their actions, thoughts, words, and feelings, and be able to feel and express these without the explicit interference of others. As a result, without the consent of another individual I will not invade or violate their personal autonomy.
  3. I cannot read on court cases, divorce proceedings, child custody, or any form of “Legal” issue.
    This is both a moral standpoint and a legal one. It is against the law where I reside to read on the legal matters of others using “psychic” methods.
  4. I will not read on any form of health related matter such as chronic illness, cancer, hereditary diseases, or anything related to sickness, fertility, mental health, diagnoses, and so on.
    It is against the law where I reside to read on the health of others.

Please seek a professional regarding these types of requests.