The Tower Witch

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Mediumship Session

With a combination of developed sensory perceptions, tarot, and oracle cards, I reach across the veil to communicate with deceased friends, family, and ancestors.

This is an evidential mediumship session. This means I will produce evidence of your loved one. This could be anything from a date to the way that they passed. Prices of these sessions are higher than a simple Tarot session due to the amount of energy required to channel. Banked time is not allowed for mediumship sessions.

*There is no GUARANTEE that I will reach the loved one you specify. Please remember that I can only convey messages of those who have come through to me.

**Please do not expect the session to run the exact duration you choose. Expect a give or take of roughly 10 minutes. Spirit does not run on a clock. Because of this, banked time is NOT PROVIDED for this session type.



Consider tipping your witch! Appreciated but not necessary.